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eSign Dashboard

Are you a mobile professional who needs the ability to conduct business without paper? E-Sign Dashboard is the premier paperless productivity tool for any industry.

E-Sign Dashboard is software for Windows XP/Vista/7/8 packed with features that allow you to conduct business on the go, without paper. Capture "wet" legal electronic signatures on contracts and documents, electronically manage documents, send and receive faxes, send documents via email, retrieve and access documents via the web, and a host of other features delivers a completely paperless mobile office solution. E-Sign Dashboard is built for use on tablet PCs, ultra-mobile laptops that have a pen-enabled screen. Mobile professionals using E-Sign Dashboard eliminate paper from their workday, spend more time selling and less time shuffling paper, and provide customers with superior service.
Paperless Electronic Document Management
- Create and edit transaction files and folders
- Create and edit notes
Import forms library
- Import scanned contracts and documents
Integrated Fax and Email 
- Unique toll-free number
- Send / Receive faxes anywhere
- Receive fax by email
- Online fax storage
- Free fax management software
- Sign and edit faxes electronically
- Send contacts and files via email
Sign Contracts with "wet" electronic signatures
- Capture "wet" electronic signatures on forms and contracts
- Secure and encrypted process
Work Offline and Online
- No internet connection needed to access and work on transaction
- Annotate, sign, fax, and email documents offline
- Changes are synchronized with server once online
Online Team Collaboration
- Create client and team contacts
- Web portal with secure access for team members
- Set permissions to files and folders for client and vendor viewing
- Set root access for viewing of all documents via web
- Wireless PDA access
Large File Transfer System
- Transmit files too large for email via web portal
- Downloadable - no matter the size
Automatic Sync & Offsite Backup
- All transaction and faxes synchronized with server
- Secure document backup
- Retrievable anytime
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